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Priority Locations

STAGE: Released

Grip currently has the ability to assign multiple locations to a profile, but there is no way to specify the main or priority location. This means that when data is imported to the platform, the default location is whichever was imported first. For example, if Acme Corporation has locations A1, A2, and A3 assigned to them, with A1 as the main location, but A2 is imported first, attendees will be directed to A2 instead of A1 and Acme Corporation representatives will have the majority of their meetings at A2 rather than the main booth.

To fix this, we will be adding the ability to set a priority location when importing data to Grip, as well as allowing dashboard users to update the priority location on the profile settings page. This will ensure that attendees are directed to the correct location and meetings with representatives take place at the main booth as a priority.

Whichever location is assigned as the default will appear on the company's profile. It will also appear in the location field on the web platform when an attendee requests a meeting with a company rep.

The other locations in the drop down field will be ordered, with any assigned locations appearing before public locations. Currently the locations appear in the order they were imported.

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