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Grip Teams: Settings Update


This will give event organizers greater control and options when it comes to the creation of Grip Teams (Grip's exhibitor portal.)

The update to Team member invitations will add the following settings:

  • Enable Grip Teams toggle:
    Dashboard users can choose whether to toggle Grip Teams on/off for a particular company data type

  • Participant types that can join the Team:
    Dashboard users can select which participant types can join the team. For example, some Event Organizers won't want 'Visitor' participant types to be able to join a company’s team

  • Item types that can be accessed from Grip Teams:
    The dashboard user can select which items can be viewed and edited from teams.

  • Invite default type:
    The default invite type of new users that are added to the platform through Grip Teams can be selected. For example, Event Organizers may want new users to join as exhibitor representatives.

The new settings will be found on the company data type settings page, rather than the user data type settings page:

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