Q3 - 2022
Data and Analytics Mobile App Admin dashboard

New Push Notifications Broadcasting System

STAGE: Released

This is the first version of the re-build and massive improvements to our push notifications. It is an integral part of the platform that allows event organisers to engage with participants of their events.

This first version focuses on huge improvements to the processing of notifications removing delays, so notifications are sent within 2 minutes to all intended users and a host of other major UX improvements such as:

  • Ability to schedule more than one push notification per hour (the previous limit of 1 notification per hour is now removed)

  • Ability to multi-select data types when event organisers segment their audience

  • Segment selection to include users who are active at the time of sending a notification rather than at the time of scheduling it.

  • The ability to edit and cancel notifications that are scheduled before they are sent out.

  • Improved dashboard UX

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