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As part of the customisable teams navigation development, we'll be allowing teams items to be accessed from the main event navigation. Part of the rationale behind this was wanting sales teams members to be able to access all relevant pages, without having to click into teams.

Should an event organiser choose to, teams can then be geared towards administrative members of the team, by removing pages that are less relevant to admins, but keeping product, export and team members pages.

Building on this, we also want event organisers to be able to communicate directly to the administrative members of the team. For example, encouraging them to purchase their catering, re-register for future events or provide contact details of event support.

Teams Homepage

To solve this, we’ll be creating a teams homepage. Initially, we’ll use the same design as the event homepage. Dashboard users can build an event homepage using customisable blocks, which can link out to external urls or internal pages. We'll be using this same premise for the teams homepage. Enabling this is the first stage towards an exhibitor portal.

Designs to follow.

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