Product Release Note: 13 October 2021

Improvements & New Features: Participants 👯

1. Cross-events Swipes

What is it? We are applying changes to the overall logic of swiping users, a Cross-Event Swipe is when Attendees can swipe on other Attendees that were recommended to them in a previous event and there was no connection formed. Cross-Event Swipes are only active when Attendees participate in future events with some of the same Attendees from previous events.

Why are we adding it? We have recently discovered that the current logic of registering swipes between users results in a faulty user experience for users that are part of multiple events. We want to implement updates that will make the cross-event experience coherent and easy to follow.

Available from: 13th October 2021
Available to: All users, automatically enabled

For more details about this update, read the article, here.

2. Grip Roundtables

What is it? Roundtables functionality based on the Vonage Meeting room which include:

- Updated integration with Vonage to support roundtables

- Added a button on the Grip Dashboard to simply create roundtable sessions

- Moderator functionality added to Vonage meeting rooms to give speakers more capabilities

Why are we adding this? To create a more friendly experience when creating and hosting roundtables through Vonage.

Available from: 21st October 2021
Available to: Manually enabled

Support Article here



Improvements & New Features: Organisers 💼

1. Multi Factor Authentication Option

What is it about?  Adding the ability to require multi factor authentication for specific users. Only Admins, ImplementationPartners, and Super Admins can enable MFA for Dashboard users. When MFA is enabled, dashboard users will receive an email with a one-time code that must be entered upon logging in.

Why are we adding it? To add another level of security to organiser’s event information within the Grip Dashboard

Available to: All users, manually enabled.

Available from: 15th October 2021

Built by: Abi, Milan & Guy


Improvements & New Features : Mobile 📱

1. In-App Updates on Android

What is it?  Added a message when there is a critical app update on Android devices, accepting an update message allows Google Play to update installation and restart the Mobile App.

Why are we adding it? To inform users about new features, performance improvements, and critical bug fixes immediately when an update is released.

Available to: All Android users, automatically from next update.

Available from: 13th October 2021

Built by: Aleksander



Bugs & Fixes 🐞

A total of 16 bugs were fixed between Mon 28th Sep. - Fri 8th Oct.