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Abi Cannons, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Abi has worked in the event industry for 16 years; in conferences, global trade shows and event-tech organisations. With this broad experience, Abi understands all aspects of driving innovation in events and has a passion for connecting people, ideas and opportunities. At Grip, Abi translates the complexities of AI-powered event technology into tangible value for event organisers. Abi loves nothing more than getting underwater as a scuba diver and is a budding bass house DJ on dry land.

Life's already complicated, so why should managing your event data be? We're rolling out self-serviced registration integration with even more providers. Its job? To crush the time and money-eating monster that event setup can be when you have heaps of straightforward registration or ticket data.

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Google & Yahoo’s email changes: What you need to know

This is a Grip service announcement to let you know that some of the biggest email providers are updating their spam policies. This could impact your events’ email deliverability and we wanted to make you aware.

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Elevate your comms with enhanced automated emails

More power to Event Organizers and Exhibitors 🎯

We've been listening to your feedback and understand the hurdles you face:

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Tackling the big challenge: targeted notifications 🎯

You told us how overwhelming it can be to send the right message to the right people at your events. We listened. Until now, reaching out to attendees interested in specific sessions or tracks was beyond your grasp. Not anymore!

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Easier lead management for sponsors: session check-in scan exports

Event organizers and exhibitors, elevate the way you connect sponsors with attendees! We're excited to introduce the session check-in badge scanning feature, designed specifically to address session attendance and data sharing with sponsors.

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Event pick screen on the app

Attendees of co-located or overlapping events often face a navigation hiccup: not knowing which event they'll see when they log in. The current workaround is to flick through menus to find the 'Switch event' screen - a feature that's been easy to miss and frustrating to need.

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Searching on the Grip platform got an upgrade

We know the feeling. You're preparing for an event, your eyes scanning the sea of names and companies, looking for that one person or session that will make your perfect event. And sometimes, you just wish there was an easier way to find what you're looking for (apart from Grip’s AI-powered recommendations, of course!)

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Stunning new campaign email wizard now in the dashboard

Email campaigns are a powerful tool to keep attendees engaged and informed. But we know how frustrating it can be when you can't fully express your brand identity because of rigid email templates and limited customization. That's why we're bringing you a life-changing upgrade to Campaign Emails in Grip.

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Prove the value of your events to exhibitors & sponsors with Grip Pulse: Exhibitor ROI reports

Grip Pulse takes demographics and interaction data and turns it into powerful insights for organizers to help them improve, rebook, grow and optimize.

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Drive more revenue with multiple session sponsors

We’re taking a fresh spin on Session Roles, crafted with the finesse you’ve come to expect. Now, you can pair up multiple sponsors with specific sessions. It’s the perfect trifecta: more revenue, more exposure, and a supercharged attendee experience.

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