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Abi Cannons, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Abi has worked in the event industry for 16 years; in conferences, global trade shows and event-tech organisations. With this broad experience, Abi understands all aspects of driving innovation in events and has a passion for connecting people, ideas and opportunities. At Grip, Abi translates the complexities of AI-powered event technology into tangible value for event organisers. Abi loves nothing more than getting underwater as a scuba diver and is a budding bass house DJ on dry land.

Prove the value of your events to exhibitors & sponsors with Grip Pulse: Exhibitor ROI reports

Grip Pulse takes demographics and interaction data and turns it into powerful insights for organizers to help them improve, rebook, grow and optimize.

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Drive more revenue with multiple session sponsors

We’re taking a fresh spin on Session Roles, crafted with the finesse you’ve come to expect. Now, you can pair up multiple sponsors with specific sessions. It’s the perfect trifecta: more revenue, more exposure, and a supercharged attendee experience.

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Keep things organized: new categories for MustMeet Meeting Reports

Event organization can be a mammoth task, especially when juggling multiple meetings and trying to maintain certain meeting rules. We hear you, and we're here to streamline your process with the new categories in the MustMeet Meeting Report.

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Unlock better event management with new Grip Pulse: Event Insights

This sparkly new dashboard is going to be really exciting; getting you closer to the data you need to make your event a success. It will help you get make the most of both the web and mobile platform of Grip. You’ll be getting the insights you need at regular intervals, so you can take quick action to drive engagement, and get your participants booking meetings!

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Live chat moderation settings

Moderate your live event chats more easily

We all thrive on engaging conference sessions that ignite passionate discussions among participants. However, when these conversations become overly intense, it becomes crucial to have live chat moderation in place.

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Manage your emails more effectively with new logs in the Grip dashboard

Have you ever found yourself fretting over whether a certain event attendee has actually received an important email? Or maybe you've been curious about which email addresses are incorrect, resulting in undelivered messages.

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Discover the power of personalization with advanced branding 🎨

Branding. It's more than just a logo or a color scheme, right? It's your identity, your signature, the essence of what makes your event truly yours. And sometimes, the one-size-fits-all solutions can cramp your unique flair. That's why we've launched Grip's Advanced Branding.

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Express your program perfectly with custom session roles

With Grip's new custom session roles feature, event organizers now have the ability to create roles that align perfectly with your event. Whether it's a unique position, a specialized responsibility, or a personalized title, our session roles feature allows you to customize and assign these roles according to your requirements. With this functionality, you can more easily manage and organize session contributors.

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Elevate your home pages with interactive banner blocks

The Grip team are excited to announce some new updates to our home page banner blocks! These exciting updates will enable you to craft customized, captivating and informative home pages, capturing the attention of your audience and elevating the visibility of your sponsors.

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Simple improvements to the organizer dashboard

Sometimes it's not about building new features, it's about improving what we've already built. A big focus for our product team is to simply make Grip easier to use for our customers (and our own delivery teams!). We want to save everyone time getting to the value of using Grip. 

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