Prove the value of your events to exhibitors & sponsors with Grip Pulse: Exhibitor ROI reports

Prove the value of your events to exhibitors & sponsors with Grip Pulse: Exhibitor ROI reports

Grip Pulse takes demographics and interaction data and turns it into powerful insights for organizers to help them improve, rebook, grow and optimize.

Before: traditional exhibitor data
  • Seeing your sales team anxiously walking up to exhibitors without insight into how they are doing at the show.
  • No live ROI data to determine how the show is going for the exhibitor or how they could do better in future editions.
Now: Grip Pulse data-driven exhibitor insight
  • Rich data that shows your sales team exactly how an exhibitor is doing compared to its peers in real-time.
  • Actionable information on what they could be doing better to get the most out of the show and what can be improved for next year.

Organizer control centre

In one snapshot, find out which companies are doing well, and which ones need additional support. Spot missed opportunities in advance and course-correct exhibitors so they get the most from your event.

Get answers to your burning questions
  • Were the right participants present at the event for the exhibitor and how many of them were there?
  • Did the company fill out their company & representative profiles?
  • Did they have the right representatives present at the event to engage with people?
  • Were representatives active & engaged ahead of the event?
  • Did the company request meetings and actively network with prospects throughout the event?
  • Did they respond to all inbound interest and meeting requests?
  • Did they use lead retrieval onsite?
  • How many views, clicks, connections and meetings did the company accumulate?
  • How did their engagement align with the people they wanted to meet with according to their objectives?
  • How did they rate their leads & meetings at the event?

Exhibitor impact at a glance

 Exhibitor ROI
Showcase opportunity and go beyond the one-pager

Every sales team has the one-pager with some high-level generic demographics.

Now you can go far beyond that, showcasing the opportunity in a personalized way for each exhibitor based on their profile and objectives.

Track engagement and analyze exhibitor activity

Track how an exhibitor has engaged with the opportunities presented to them, before and during your event.

Play back to an exhibitor their level of outreach, the meetings they requested and the effort they made to take advantage of their involvement.

Quantify and assess ROI in real-time

Give your sales team real-time insight into the performance of a exhibiting company at your event.

Use this insight to rebook, upsell and deliver suggestions for improvements that can be actioned the same day or in preparation for the next show.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on these unprecedented event reports. Showcasing undeniable event value will make negotiating with exhibitors a breeze!

Read more in our presentation deck here.

What you need to know to get started

The new Grip Pulse: Exhibitor ROI report will be available in the admin dashboard from Monday 6th November 2023 and is a paid add-on. 

Please speak to your account manager at Grip if you'd like access. 

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