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Connections exports for attendees

Your events are all about making meaningful connections between participants and, at Grip, we've always understood the value of suppliers being able to access their connections, post-event. But we also want to empower your other event attendees to preserve and nurture the relationships they've formed.

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Break the ice, ignite connections... add an intro message when requesting to connect!

Making meaningful connections is what the team at Grip live for, and we're excited to announce this release that will improve your participants' chances to connect with others. Take more control of networking destiny with the ability to send an introductory message when requesting a connection!

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Boost your event engagement with Guest and Anonymous user access to Grip

A big day for our product team who have been working really hard to deliver Guest and Anonymous user access, allowing event organizers to increase the engagement levels of their event, provide new opportunities to reach a wider audience and convert hesitant users into fully fledged attendees!

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Decline meetings with a personal message

Sometimes event participants are hesitant to decline less relevant meeting requests without providing an explanation, as they do not want to appear rude or inconsiderate. This can result in a backlog of pending meetings, which ultimately has an impact on efficiency for events.

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Sync event schedules with personal calendars: new calendar sync

Grip calendar sync is a powerful tool that allows participants to keep track of all their event...

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Introducing link-type custom profile fields

Are you ready for a revolution in the way links are displayed on Grip? Link-type custom profile fields have been built specifically for input of web links onto a profile.

They will appear as a separate block on a profile page and, rather than displaying the full URL, will instead display a title and a description. This will make profile pages look considerably cleaner and more professional, giving event participants the opportunity to give context to the links they have added.

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Absolute clarity on what you're asking for: explainer text on your custom profile fields

We give you the ability to add explainer text to your Custom Profile Fields, allowing you to provide additional information to help clarify the information being requested, making your data more reliable. For freeform fields, this explainer text will be displayed within the text field itself. For pre-defined fields, the explainer text will appear at the top of the page.

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Minimum, maximum, and required fields for custom profile values

At Grip, we've never previously made any profile fields mandatory, for ease of participant access. But as organizers, sometimes there are data points that are essential for your event to run successfully.

By introducing minimum, maximum and required profile values, we can make sure you get the info you need for maximum event success.

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Create categories and sub categories for your event data

A Parent>Child Custom Profile Field is one that has at least two layers of categorization; incredibly useful for events where you have large amounts of data that needs to be navigated. You will be familiar with this concept through shopping on retail sites where you have millions of products, filtered by categories and subcategories.

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