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Must Meet / Hosted Buyer

Connections exports for attendees

Your events are all about making meaningful connections between participants and, at Grip, we've always understood the value of suppliers being able to access their connections, post-event. But we also want to empower your other event attendees to preserve and nurture the relationships they've formed.

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MustMeet's instant fix for last-minute meeting schedule changes

Unexpected new attendees?

You’ve generated all your meetings, taken feedback from your attendees, made changes and finally crafted the perfect meeting schedule. Then unexpectedly, two A-list attendees join the event too late and you don’t have anything lined up for them! You don’t want to re-generate the schedules for everyone, but you do need to get the new joiners some quality meetings.

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Companies now available as 'Must Meets' on Hosted Buyer events

Participant preferences now include companies

Grip's Hosted Buyer (Must Meet) capabilities allow participants to make preferences regarding who they want to meet at an event, helped by Grip's world leading AI-powered recommendations. Once preferences have been made by both suppliers and buyers, Grip's AI automatically populates everyone's schedules with the best meetings possible.

Most Hosted Buyer events in Grip are set up to allow participants show interest in one another (e.g. buyers to exhibitor representatives) but now, Grip also allows participants to show interest in companies, which works in the following way:

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