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Searching on the Grip platform got an upgrade

We know the feeling. You're preparing for an event, your eyes scanning the sea of names and companies, looking for that one person or session that will make your perfect event. And sometimes, you just wish there was an easier way to find what you're looking for (apart from Grip’s AI-powered recommendations, of course!)

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Discover the power of personalization with advanced branding 🎨

Branding. It's more than just a logo or a color scheme, right? It's your identity, your signature, the essence of what makes your event truly yours. And sometimes, the one-size-fits-all solutions can cramp your unique flair. That's why we've launched Grip's Advanced Branding.

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Elevate your home pages with interactive banner blocks

The Grip team are excited to announce some new updates to our home page banner blocks! These exciting updates will enable you to craft customized, captivating and informative home pages, capturing the attention of your audience and elevating the visibility of your sponsors.

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Boost your event engagement with Guest and Anonymous user access to Grip

A big day for our product team who have been working really hard to deliver Guest and Anonymous user access, allowing event organizers to increase the engagement levels of their event, provide new opportunities to reach a wider audience and convert hesitant users into fully fledged attendees!

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Home page video carousels to highlight your video content

We're adding more options to design your home page on Grip with video content blocks. This can draw more attention to the best videos from your video library on the homepage and drive engagement with the platform. This is displayed in an eye-catching video carousel.

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Introducing link-type custom profile fields

Are you ready for a revolution in the way links are displayed on Grip? Link-type custom profile fields have been built specifically for input of web links onto a profile.

They will appear as a separate block on a profile page and, rather than displaying the full URL, will instead display a title and a description. This will make profile pages look considerably cleaner and more professional, giving event participants the opportunity to give context to the links they have added.

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Better in colour 

We have two colourful updates to our homepage profile blocks this month to give you more control of your event homepage look-and-feel.

Firstly, all blocks can now have a custom background and font colour, allowing you to be even more creative with your homepage design.

And you can now add a background colour to your mobile app homepage, too, to help keep all your assets 'on brand.'

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