Never miss a thing with Grip's calendar sync

Sync event schedules with personal calendars: new calendar sync

Grip calendar sync is a powerful tool that allows participants to keep track of all their event sessions and meetings right alongside their everyday calendar on Google, Outlook, Apple and more! This helps to ensure that participants never miss a meeting or session and also makes it easier for them to keep their schedules organized.

Dynamic updates

Any updates to meetings or sessions will appear automatically in the calendar. For example if a meeting status changes, or a sponsor is added to a session, this will be reflected in your everyday calendar.

All the info you might need

Everything you need for your meeting can be found in the meeting description:

  • The meeting status - whether it’s pending, accepted or cancelled

  • Each meeting attendees with a link to their profile

  • Each meeting attendee’s company with a link to their company profile 

  • The custom profile fields that appear on each attendee’s profile within the web platform

  • The meeting link (if you’re at a virtual event)

Session information can be found in the event description:

  • Session location

  • A link to the session web page

  • Session description

  • Session speakers with links to their profiles

  • Session sponsors with links to their profiles

  • Set up the new integration in seconds, no API key required

  • Auto-syncing keeps data in both products up-to-date at all times

International participants? Timezones are not a problem

Timezones can be tricky when scheduling events, but thankfully calendars are able to compensate. Meetings and sessions will display in the timezone of the calendar. For example, if the event is scheduled in Paris, but the user is in London, meetings and sessions will display in the London timezone. In the rare instance a user has manually updated their calendar timezone themselves, the meetings will display in whatever the timezone has been set to. 

What you need to know to get started

Calendar sync will be available in the admin dashboard from Thursday, 2nd February.

To read more on how to use this new feature, check out our support article, here.

Don't hesitate to get in touch

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