Export session check-in scans

Easier lead management for sponsors: session check-in scan exports

Event organizers and exhibitors, elevate the way you connect sponsors with attendees! We're excited to introduce the session check-in badge scanning feature, designed specifically to address session attendance and data sharing with sponsors.

Bridging the gap for organizers and exhibitors

Previously, badge scanning was the go-to method for tracking attendees at specific sessions, but it fell short when it came to managing the needs of sponsored sessions and booth-oriented activities. With constraints like rate limits for scanning, organizers and exhibitors needed a more streamlined approach to keep up with the fast-paced environment of events.

The innovative approach: scanning for session check-in

Our answer to this challenge is a new feature within badge scanning —a feature that not only matches the pace of your event but also enhances the quality of lead retrieval and data management. The new 'Session Scanner' navigation item will allow representatives to quickly scan attendees into sessions, immediately capturing their data.

Key components of the session check-In scanner:

  • 'Session Scanner' navigation item
    A new tool on the mobile app, available exclusively to particular data types such as sponsor representatives or conference staff.
  • Visible on the ‘More’ screen
    Easy access to the 'Session Scan' function directly from the mobile app.
  • Efficient session selection
    A user-friendly interface to search for and select the desired session.
  • Immediate scanning confirmation
    Instant confirmation of successful scans or notifications of any issues.

Beyond the scan

After being scanned, the attendee profiles will be viewable in Grip Teams > Inbound Leads, tagged to the sponsoring company of the session. Plus, the Organizer Dashboard will feature an Inbound Leads Export that displays session scan data - streamlining the process from scan to lead management.

This feature is set to transform how you track session attendance and share valuable data with sponsors, ensuring every scan counts toward cultivating meaningful connections and driving your event's success.

We're really excited about this feature. It’s not just a tool; it’s your new partner in achieving seamless session management.

What you need to know to get started

The facility for sponsors to export session check-in scans will be available in Grip Teams from Monday 18th December 2023 and is a paid add-on. 

To read more about how this feature works, you can check out our support article, here

Don't hesitate to get in touch

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