Easier navigation between events on the app

Event pick screen on the app

Attendees of co-located or overlapping events often face a navigation hiccup: not knowing which event they'll see when they log in. The current workaround is to flick through menus to find the 'Switch event' screen - a feature that's been easy to miss and frustrating to need.

Simplifying the first step

That's precisely what we're addressing with the development of the "Event Pick Screen" for our mobile app. This new feature is about simplifying that first, crucial step: choosing your event. As soon as users log in, they'll be greeted with a straightforward selection of their active events.

Clear choices, right from the start

No more accidental check-ins to the wrong event. The Event Pick Screen will offer a clear, concise interface, eliminating confusion and letting attendees navigate their event options with ease.

A nod to efficiency

We're not promising the world - but we are promising a more efficient and user-friendly way to kickstart your event experience. This is about cutting through complexity and delivering a solution that respects your participants’ time and needs.

It's a subtle yet significant touch that will make all the difference in how your participants attend and engage with your events. A streamlined start is on the horizon, because the best event experiences are the ones where you're in control from the get-go.