Product Release Note: 4th August 2021

Improvements & New Features: Participants 👯

1. Enhanced Vonage Meeting Rooms

What? We improved the UI of Vonage meetings, enabled screen sharing and allowed users to list and select their audio and video devices.

Why? To make the Vonage meeting rooms more functional before we implement them as a Roundtable solution.

Link to article

Built by: Olatara



2. Zendesk Beacon

What? Help scout beacon gets replaced with the Zendesk one

Why? To complete the transition between customer support tool providers.

Built By: Olatara



Bugs & Fixes 🐞

  • Fixed: Unable to enter the Badge ID when logging in for the first time (Android)

  • Fixed: Crash on opening My profile when summary field is empty (Android)

  • Fixed: 'Back' button produces no action on company profile screens when accessed from exhibitor_list (Android)

  • Fixed: PDF URLs are not loading in the Session Details screen (Android)

  • Fixed: Invalid URLs for Privacy and Acceptable Use Policy navigation items (Android & iOS)

  • Fixed: Duplicate sessions in 'Happening now' mode (iOS)

  • Fixed: Crash on tapping the location on exhibitor profiles (iOS)

  • Fixed: Swipe to go back gesture fails on session details screen (iOS)

  • Fixed: Session location is not zoomed-in on the floor-plan when opened from the session details screen (iOS)

  • Fixed: Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policies not displaying

  • Fixed: Issue with Teams members being unable to join

  • Fixed: Special characters not correctly rendering in transactional emails

  • Fixed: Profile cards within profile cards not reflecting permissions