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Feature improvements πŸš€and bug fixes πŸ›

AUTHOR: The Grip team

Search aggregation improvement

For a smoother user experience, independent of search terms being capitalized or not during data import, search results are now aggregated and conformed according to event owner preference.

Lead notes improvement

To make it easier for exhibitor representatives to take action on leads, we've added the ability to schedule meetings, show interest or chat with leads directly from the lead notes.

Contact export improvements

To improve data exports, custom profile fields (metadata) can now be downloaded along with contact details. This will deliver more context to a lead, allowing more targeted action to be taken, post-event.

Private invitee emails and notifications

Participants invited to private sessions can now be emailed as a group. This allows very targeted communication with VIP session attendees, to share any information relating to private sessions, roundtables and webinars.

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