Get more done in less time: the meetings list page just got a mighty upgrade!

Meeting list upgrades

We’ve bundled together eight improvements that added up into one very satisfying update to the Meetings List page!

Eight upgrades to make your life easier

  1. Search across all visible rows: quickly search across any data shown in the table. Great for finding all meetings that involve one person or company.

  2. Filter by meeting time slot on the meetings table: create a start/end time filter to only see meetings within a certain time. For quick filtering, we’ve also introduced a ‘Current Time’ button, to set a two-hour time bracket from the current minute.

  3. See more columns in the table: see additional details about the meeting in the table, like the recipient’s Company Names, Data Types, and whether the meeting is part of the MustMeet programme.

  4. See additional details in the attendee previews: we’ve added the phone number and company name fields to the attendee previews in the sidebar, for when you need to chase up someone quickly!

  5. Create and edit meetings in the past: create and edit meetings even if the start time has already passed. Great for correcting records or booking attendee meetings on the spot.

  6. Jump from a meeting to a meeting participant’s profile page: cutting down the time it takes to view a meeting participant’s profile, you can jump straight to it from the meetings page.

  7. Jump from the profile page ‘User Activity Data’ screen to a specific meeting in the list: while viewing an attendee’s user activity data on their profile, you can jump straight to any meeting they’re a part of.

  8. Introducing "Meeting Stats" sidebar panel to showcase key stats in the meeting table: Combined with the new search and filtering options, the Meeting Stats sidebar gives you instant confirmation of how many meetings match your current filters, and a breakdown by meeting status.

What you need to know to get started

The improvements to our meeting list page will be available in the dashboard from Wednesday 3rd May. To read more on this new update, check out our support article, here.

Don't hesitate to get in touch

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