Product Release Notes: 14 September 2021

Improvements & New Features: Participants 👯

1. New navigation

What? A new design for the sidebar navigation that's aligned with the new Navigation configuration functionality. Navigation items can be divided into two sections of primary and secondary items.

Why? To enable flexible navigation for your participants that is detached from the home feed configuration. It will allow organizers to emphasize selected navigation items.

Available to: All, automatically

Release date: 17/09/2021

Click here for more info

Built by: Charlie


Improvements & New Features: Organisers 💼

1. The page where we can control all navigation items on the app

What?  This will allow dashboard users to apply changes to navigation items on their event app.

Why? So users can make changes to their navigation items

Built by: Guy

We fixed it 🛠️

Fixed: Email link in the navigation item not working (Android)
Fixed: HTML is not displayed correctly on the login screen (Android)
Fixed: Repeated showing of incorrect error message (iOS)
Fixed: Check your internet connection error message on the Notifications screen (iOS)
Fixed: Push notifications do not work (iOS)
Fixed: Push notifications do not work (Android)
Fixed: Unable to login to the app with custom SSO (Android)
Fixed: Line break not recognised in profile summaries (Android)
Fixed: PDF url without the extension is not loading in the home-feed block (Android)
Fixed: Chat push notifications do not work (iOS & Android)
Fixed: Chat messages not visible, due to message text color (iOS)
Fixed: Incorrect Date while looking at Overall Event Agenda (iOS)
Fixed: Incorrect list order when groups are enabled (iOS & Android)
Fixed: Session location is not zoomed-in on the floor-plan when opened from the session details screen (iOS)
Fixed: Not able to add holding image to an existing session
Fixed: Creating a meeting location with a table assignment reverts back to no table assignment
Fixed: Not able to disable Whereby chat on 1 to 1 meetings
Fixed: Thing.Update does not appear to work