Clara-Marie Eloy, Digital Marketing Executive

Product Release Note: 11 November 2021

AUTHOR: Clara-Marie Eloy, Digital Marketing Executive

Improvements & New Features: Participants 👯

1. Reschedule Meeting From My Schedule

What is it? We wanted to make rescheduling meetings more seamless for our users, so we added the "Reschedule" button to the "My Schedule" Page. Events Participants can now reschedule meetings directly from their "My Schedule" page allowing meeting management to become easier and faster.

Available from: 10th November 2021
Available to: All users, Automatically Enabled

Improvements & New Features: Organisers 💼

1. Rename Events

What is it about?  Organizers and Project Managers are now able to change the name of their events within the Event Setup page under the Event Details section in the Grip Dashboard. You can find this button towards the bottom of the Event Setup page right above the Deactivate Event button.

  • The Rename Event Button is available to all Dashboard users

  • The Event URL will update when changing the name of an event

  • The Smart Marketing Link will NOT update when you change the name of an event

  • Changing event names will impact analytics, emails and links.

Available to: Dashboard users, automatically enabled

Available from: 10 November 2021

2. Improved CSV Uploader [postponed release]

What is it about?  We improved the CSV Uploader to be more powerful and useful to Grip users so that they can make changes more seamlessly.

The CSV Uploader now allows you to:

  • Import image URLs

  • Edit existing profiles via patching

  • Any uploaded metadata to be automatically translated

  • New drop-down option "Add new profiles and patch existing profile data."

  • This option will add new profiles and patch any fields that are on existing profiles

Why are we adding it? We want to make the CSV uploader more powerful and more useful to Grip users so they can more easily upload profiles to their events

Available to: All users, manually enabled.

Available from: 10th October 2021

Built by: Stephen

Improvements & New Features : Mobile 📱

1. ExpoFP Interactive Floor Plan

What is it?  We have partnered with ExpoFP to provide Grip users with a modern, easy to use, powerful Floor Map tool!

The Interactive Floor plan can found in the Mobile App via a Navigation Item, Home Feed Block, or on an Exhibitor profile.

Features Include:

  • Way-finding - Find where an Exhibitor or Room is located & get directions to that location from where you are currently standing.

  • Indoor Positioning - GPS tracking that allows attendees to see advanced indoor positioning

  • Exhibitor Profiles - See Exhibitor Categories and Exhibitor profiles when you tap on a booth

  • Sponsored Exhibitors - Increase visibility for premium exhibitors with logos on the floor plan

Available to: Mobile users (soon to be available for desktop users) as an add-on

Available from: 10 November 2021

Bugs & Fixes 🐞

  • Chat message not received in real time during speed networking

  • Error on login while setting up SAML2 requests

  • Dutch & Chinese language not being supported

  • Incorrect screen is displayed when selecting a tab from the bottom navigation bar

  • Teams icons is not getting replaced by company profile image

  • Non-responsive Interactive Map home-feed block

  • Skip and Interested not displayed in recommendations cards and "no more profiles" message displayed behind the card

  • Do not display contact details screen during onboarding when contact details are disabled

  • Prevent the app from entering the debug mode and displaying hard-coded strings

  • Top Bar icons disappear on mobile and browser when theming is enabled

  • Fixed URL validation

  • Collapsed Event Agenda is not added to the home feed

  • Skip' and 'Interested' button displayed all the time when profile is opened from exhibitor_list layout

  • Do not display Featured label on items that do not have a Featured label enabled

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