Action required: New Google Analytics tracking

Action required: New Google Analytics tracking

Google Analytics tracking known as Universal Analytics is stopping on 1st July 2023, and Google will only support the new GA4 properties from that point onwards. We have updated our platform to support these new GA4 tracking properties so you can keep on gathering data from your events, as long as you also migrate to the new properties in Google Analytics.

Note that if you’re using Google Tag Manager instead of Google Analytics you are not affected by this and don’t need to take any action.

Keeping up with developments at Google...

Grip has supported the addition of Google Analytics for some time now, allowing you to get live tracking from your Grip event, straight into your Google account. However, Google is deprecating their older versions of Universal Analytics, in favour of the newer GA4 properties. You can read more about this process on Google’s own site here.

Action required

Grip has added support for the new GA4 codes, meaning that you can continue to track your events using Google Analytics.

However, by July the 1st, you must have done at least one of the following things, in order to continue getting tracking data.

  • Connected your existing old UA code to a new GA4 code within Google Analytics

  • Generate and use a brand new GA4 property code instead. Your Grip Delivery team can input the new code into the Grip dashboard for you.

To read more about end of support and migration for Google Universal Analytics, check out our support article, here.

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