Product Release Notes: 28 September 2021

Improvements & New Features: Participants πŸ‘―

1. Engagement Hub

What? Engagement Hub is a standalone website that can be enabled in the app configuration.The first version shows past, live and upcoming events in the application that are in the β€˜Live’ stage. The future iterations will include the new Grip Sign Up, Content Libraries and many other features to continuously drive engagement from new and existing event participants.

Why? To accelerate lead generation and revenue opportunities at Grip events, by enabling people to easily find, sign up and attend all the events our clients organise throughout the year.

Available to: All users, manually enabled

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2. Zoom SDK Update

What? New version of Zoom integration, that includes the breakout rooms functionality.

Why? To enable new functionality and keep the integration up to date.

Available to: All users, 1st of October 2021


Improvements & New Features: Organisers πŸ’Ό

1. Backend functionality to serve banner ads in multiple places

What?  You can now control where a banner ad is shown in one place on the web dashboard and three places on mobile

Why? Allowing for a mobile Feature functionality

Available to: All users, automatically, from the 1st of October 2021

Built by: Guy

Improvements & New Features : Mobile πŸ“±

1. Banner ads

What?  You can now display banner ads in 3 different locations in a mobile app: profile lists, event agenda and at the bottom of the 'More' screen

Why? The feature will allow maximum exposure for sponsors and exhibitors in the app as well as promote various content such as sessions, keynote speeches etc.

Available to: All users, automatically, from the 1st of October 2021

Built by: Fabio for IOS and Tara for Android

Bugs & Fixes 🐞

A total of 83 bugs were fixed between Mon 13th Sep - Fri 24th Sep