Revamped Profile CSV Bulk Uploader Template

1. More Fields, Less Hassle

In our CSV Uploader templates, we've added some extra fields like Meeting Locations, Monetization ID, and more to make sure you can use the bulk uploader for tasks like adding people to sessions. Why? Because we're all about making things easier for you! These are super useful fields that, once included, will make Event Organizers more self-sufficient. No need to rely on Grip staff for every little data upload.

2. Header Row with Helper Text

We've added a handy header row with helper text to match the Session spreadsheet. This means newer event organizers can easily understand what each field is for and how to use it.

3. Tidying Up for Clarity

We've given the fields a little makeover for each data category – Participants, Companies, and Items. For example, we've simplified fields like 'First Name' to just 'Name' for Companies and Items.

Why Now? Because We Love Making Things Easy!

We're always looking for ways to make your experience better. With these updates, we're putting the power in your hands, making data uploads a breeze.

What you need to know to get started

Revamped CSV bulk uploader template will be available from Monday 4th March and is available as standard.

To read more about how this feature works, you can check out our support article, here.

Don't hesitate to get in touch

Have questions or concerns about any of our new features? As always, we're here to help; contact your account manager or simply drop us an email at