More July releases: the best of the rest

Lead notes exports, improved security, event-level onboarding and more...

Lead notes exports

When we recently released the ability for exhibitors to add notes to leads, we couldn't wait to add more functionality, and it's here! We know that post-event, when contacts are being exported for further action, it's essential that the notes come with it, to add context to the conversations that took place.

Exhibitors can now export lead notes when they export their event contacts; adding value to the connections they make at your epic events, increasing your NPS. (For web only.)

Password validation for account actions

With security always front of mind at Grip, we've added the requirement for password validation when an account email is changed, or an account is deleted, giving you and your participants extra peace of mind. (For web and mobile.)

Event-level onboarding

With many of our customers having regular events within their Grip application, we listened to the requests for event-level onboarding questions.

What this means is that even if a participant attends multiple events organized by a brand/organisation, they will always be asked to complete their preferences and interests. This makes sure their recommendations are always up to date... and your event data is, too! (For web and mobile.)

Lead activity tags on profiles

When looking at any of the profile listings, participants who have already 'taken action' on a profile will see these tags on the profile itself. This will make it much easier for representatives within a team to see the actions of their colleagues, without having to go into Grip Teams (their exhibitor portal.) This will save time, effort and duplication of actions. (For web only.)

What you need to know to get started

All these small but mighty features will be available from the 11th August. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch

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