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Better categorization with Parent>Child Custom Profile Fields

Create categories and sub categories for your event data

A Parent>Child Custom Profile Field is one that has at least two layers of categorization; incredibly useful for events where you have large amounts of data that needs to be navigated. You will be familiar with this concept through shopping on retail sites where you have millions of products, filtered by categories and subcategories.

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Event copying

Easily copy your event design and settings

A long awaited feature, we now give you the opportunity to clone your beautiful events! This will save you countless hours of event set up; even our team couldn't be happier!

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Customize 'fixed' text in your event

Personalize your event further with Grip

We understand that your events have quirks, nuances... they're all one of a kind. To reflect that, we are adding the ability to change copy across the entirety of the Grip platform, allowing you to completely personalize your Grip event.

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Profile pages: dashboard redesign

Cleaner UX with the same functionality

You'll see straight away that the profile pages look different in the admin dashboard, and we're sure you'll enjoy the cleaner design. This release will make it easier and simpler for you to add, edit, and remove data from profiles within your events.

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More functionality for your meetings lists

Search and filter your event's meetings more easily

In our quest to make Grip as user friendly as possible, our dashboard improvements keep coming... This month sees an improvement to the Meeting List page, bringing it in line with the recommendations and connections pages.

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Similar profile recommendations

Making more connections at your events

Extending the AI-powered recommendation features of Grip, this feature delivers suggestions of people similar to the profile being viewed. This gives your participants a much more personalized experience through the platform and, of course, increases the opportunity for finding those perfect business opportunities with more delicious leads.

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