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Gabriela Mena

Prevent meeting conflicts and manage capacity

We understand that some event organizers want to run both a MustMeet and regular networking experience, so we created a solution that reserves MustMeet meeting slots for hosted buyers to avoid any issues with capacity or conflicts.

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Decline meetings with a personal message

Sometimes event participants are hesitant to decline less relevant meeting requests without providing an explanation, as they do not want to appear rude or inconsiderate. This can result in a backlog of pending meetings, which ultimately has an impact on efficiency for events.

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More sponsorship options on mobile...

We know that profile blocks give you a variety of sponsorship, personalization and branding opportunities. That’s why we’re bringing support for more types of profile blocks to mobile.

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Video tags to make it easier to find content

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to events. Attendees have busy schedules and limited time to spare, which is why we want to make it faster and more convenient for your participants to find the content they’re looking for. That’s why we’re introducing tags for videos.

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Rename your event

We all know that things can change quickly when it comes to event planning. Sometimes you might need to change or edit the name of an event during setup. That's why we're bringing the ability to rename events to Grip, making it easier to adapt to those changes.

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