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Better communication with Grip's automated email enhancements

As you know by now, the team at Grip are all about bringing people together - whether it's at trade shows, conferences, or congresses. We understand the power of a well-placed, well-timed email to spark interest, maintain engagement, and boost the overall event experience. So, we’ve developed something to make your email management simpler, smarter, and more impactful: Grip Automated Email Enhancements.

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Express your program perfectly with custom session roles

Create the perfect program

With Grip's new custom session roles feature, event organizers now have the ability to create roles that align perfectly with your event. Whether it's a unique position, a specialized responsibility, or a personalized title, our session roles feature allows you to customize and assign these roles according to your requirements. With this functionality, you can more easily manage and organize session contributors.

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Simple improvements to the organizer dashboard

Striving for a better organizer experience

Sometimes it's not about building new features, it's about improving what we've already built. A big focus for our product team is to simply make Grip easier to use for our customers (and our own delivery teams!). We want to save everyone time getting to the value of using Grip. 

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Connections exports for attendees

Your events are all about making meaningful connections between participants and, at Grip, we've always understood the value of suppliers being able to access their connections, post-event. But we also want to empower your other event attendees to preserve and nurture the relationships they've formed.

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Edit sessions at scale in the event agenda

Organisers can now efficiently manage all sessions for their events through the convenient and user-friendly 'bulk edit sessions' feature in the organizer dashboard. This new addition has been developed with the aim of reducing the amount of time organizers spend  managing their events in the dashboard. Previously, organisers had to individually view each session in order to make any necessary edits, which proved to be quite time-consuming, especially when dealing with a large number of sessions that required updates, such as moving them to a new stage or track.

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