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Boost your event engagement with Guest and Anonymous user access to Grip

A big day for our product team - and hopefully for you too!

A big day for our product team who have been working really hard to deliver Guest and Anonymous user access, allowing event organizers to increase the engagement levels of their event, provide new opportunities to reach a wider audience and convert hesitant users into fully fledged attendees!

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MustMeet's instant fix for last-minute meeting schedule changes

Unexpected new attendees?

You’ve generated all your meetings, taken feedback from your attendees, made changes and finally crafted the perfect meeting schedule. Then unexpectedly, two A-list attendees join the event too late and you don’t have anything lined up for them! You don’t want to re-generate the schedules for everyone, but you do need to get the new joiners some quality meetings.

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Helping participants take control of their networking

More than just politeness...

Sometimes event participants are hesitant to decline less relevant meeting requests without providing an explanation, as they do not want to appear rude or inconsiderate. This can result in a backlog of pending meetings, which ultimately has an impact on efficiency for events.

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