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Video tags to make it easier to find content

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to events. Attendees have busy schedules and limited time to spare, which is why we want to make it faster and more convenient for your participants to find the content they’re looking for. That’s why we’re introducing tags for videos.

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Sync event schedules with personal calendars: new calendar sync

Grip calendar sync is a powerful tool that allows participants to keep track of all their event...

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Categorize your videos more easily with groups

We're excited this month to improve Grip's video content library with the creation and management of groups. This...

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Home page video carousels to highlight your video content

We're adding more options to design your home page on Grip with video content blocks. This can draw more attention to the best videos from your video library on the homepage and drive engagement with the platform. This is displayed in an eye-catching video carousel.

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Incorporate an audience interaction iframe into the session details sidebar

This month we're delighted to give you the ability to embed audience interaction tools...

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Make your video content searchable with tags, topics and moments

In case you missed it, a couple of months ago we stealthily released our Video Content Library; Grip can now be 'Netflix' for your event content. Cool right?!

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Embed URL pages into your event

Want to embed PDF readers, floor plans, polls (well, anything embeddable) into your Grip homepage? Well, now you can with our new navigation item type: embedded URLs.

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Putting the features you love into the palm of your hands

With in-person events very much back in business, our Mobile team have been busy bringing developments to the people attending face-to-face.

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Pre-filtered agendas in navigation and home page blocks

We understand that not all content is created equal; you might have some world-leading keynoters, a brand...

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Add more external links to your sessions

For many of our organizers with international events, ensuring their delegates can access session recordings and livestreams in their native tongue is mega important, so we've added the ability to add URLs in multiple languages.

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